Whether you are in need of a logo or brand-design, illustrations, visual stories, decorations for you show-window or a mural I'm the person who can make it all possible.
Screenprinted business cards or merchandise like tops, t-shirts, sweaters, or maybe canvas bags for an event? An editorial illustration, portrait, birth card? Let me know and I'll put my creativity to work.

For inquiries or information on prizes and possibilities, you can contact me through my contact form.
I'm a freelance designer, and I work on my own. My schedule fills up pretty fast.


This page is under construction: More information, pictures and videos will be added soon!

Illustrative design:
You can hire me for a wide range of illustrative design:

Editorial illustrations for (online) magazines, articles or newspapers.

Character design, storyboarding, comic illustrations.
Pattern design, print design, hand lettering, botanic illustrations, infographics.
Portraits of pets and people as a unique gift or part of your interior.
Commissioned prints, illustrations, paintings or visualisations.
Order / buy graphic art prints like lino-prints, screenprints, etchings and more.

I often combine my illustrative design with graphic design and screen-printing. For instance when I design birth-cards, graphic design for parties and weddings (like invitations, menu-cards, stationery, textiles). Or for murals, window-decorations, and spatial design.




Graphic design:
Hire me to help you with logo/brand design: I will visualise a perfect logo for your company, brand or product. Together we'll discuss the philosophy and thought that needs to be processed into the logo or branding design. It's important that the first thing your potential clients see tells the right story that fits with your vision, philosophy and drive.

Need a style-guide to go with your brand identity? Let me help you put together a (digital) book which maps your look and feel. Style-guides are like a manual: use them to design social media posts within the same look and feel of your brand identity.
I also design magazines, manuals, flyers, business cards, product labels, packaging.

I often combine my graphic design with illustration and screen-printing. For instance when I design birth-cards, graphic design for parties and weddings (like invitations, menu-cards, stationery, textiles).




Spatial design, murals and (shop)window decoration:
As a designer, spatial design is part of my job.
Hire me for the decoration of walls and windows at your office or shop.

A mural can be inspiring and refreshing for customers, as well as employees not to speak of the eyecatcher you will have. It could show the philosophy behind your company too!
Murals can also be a part of your interior, or a happy visual in the bedroom of your kids!
Or let me decorate your (shop)window! Customers will be drawn to the illustrations and designs and thus it works as an invitation to come inside and explore. It could be used for seasonal purposes such as summer collections or to announce a sale.



Screenprinting is a very traditional technique, better said: it's craftsmanship.

It gives a very special touch, which cannot be seen in regular -machine printed- works.

Besides love, screen-printing requires precision, care and attention, but the result never disappoints.


Are you looking for canvas bags, t-shirts/sweaters/ merchandise or other textiles with a logo, illustration or quote on it?  Screenprinting is the way to go! I can help you with a design, or you can simply deliver a ready-to-go design. I'll do the screenprinting, and there you go! A unique product for whatever purpose you have in mind!
With a touch of gold foil heat-pressed on screen-printed glue, your textiles will definitely catch the eye!

It's also possible to hire me for screenprint-jobs like printing business cards, screenprinting your own design wedding invitations, birthcards, prints/invitations for special occasions or to create a unique and special gift with a touch that promisses many positive reactions!

I often combine screen-printing with illustration, spatial- and graphic design.

For instance when I design birth-cards, graphic design for parties and weddings (like invitations, menu-cards, stationery, textiles) or for my own free work, which I exhibit in several galleries.


Take a look at the video in which I personally take you with me into the amazing world and process of screenprinting!




If you are interested to find out more about pricing on the items listed above:

click on the button below and email me what you would like to know!



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