Let me introduce myself!

I'm Lisa Baijs, founder of STUDIO BAYS. I'm an illustrative and graphic designer, visual storyteller, spatial designer. I consider myself an "all-round designer" with a wide range of skills to offer.

When I graduated from my first study, I never ever wanted anything to do with graphic design (the way I was taught to do graphic design). So, I can honestly say I'd never expect to love designing -logos, posters, books and all that- as much as I do now. Why? It's because I'm NOT doing it the way I was taught in my first study. Nope.
In fact: I design everything in my own unique way: by combining it with my unconditional love for illustrationI don't listen to "how it's supposed to be" but instead: I twist these "rules" a bit into something that makes my work my work.

I started my second study in 2012: Bachelors Illustration, at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. As tough as this study was from time to time: overcoming the obstacles along the road, I learned a lot about myself; my passion for design and illustration. It also became clear what I as a designer dreamt of to accomplish: starting my own freelance company and having lots and lots of awesome, kickass, various jobs.

After I graduated with my "to-be" graphic novel in 2017, the 6 months that followed I worked hard to finish the book and in early 2018 the book was (self)published. If you want to know more about my graphic novel, 'RAAF' I suggest you check out that website or browse through my portfolio.


Like I said: I have a wide variety of jobs and assignments, and I love that about my job.


But what are all these types of jobs?

Well, for instance, I screenprint fabrics (like tablecloths, bags, tea towels), decorate shop-windows with typographic and illustrative designs, host various workshops from time to time, design corporate identities for companies, photograph bands and musicians, I make editorial illustrations, decorative illustrations, hand cut and fold 3D paper posters, design handmade jewelry, write and illustrate comics, graphic novels and short stories and so much more... So don't wait any longer!


Check out my portfolio or send me an email and request a free quotation.

Clients, people, organisations & companies I've work(ed) with and for:

Above: Self-portrait with illustrative elements

Below: Working on a spring-inspired shop-window at TICA New Arrivals.

Studio Bays - 2017

KvK: 68343183

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